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TALIS Consulting Limited 

Provides comprehensive Clinical Neuropsychology assessment and treatment services. 

Dr. Tracey Ryan-Morgan:

Clinical Director


Who we are 

Dr. Tracey Ryan-Morgan is a Lead Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, and Clinical Director of Talis Consulting Limited (, as well as an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Tracey was Registrar and Chief Supervisor to the Clinical Neuropsychology Qualifications Board for the post-doctoral Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology (Q.i.C.N.) from 2010 to 2022 and is now Chair of the Committee for Training in Clinical Neuropsychology that sets the accreditation standards for post-doctoral university routes to the Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists. Tracey is a Regional Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a Chartered Scientist. She works out of bespoke Consulting Rooms in Carmarthen and at 10, Harley Street, London.


Tracey was the Consultant and Clinical Lead for the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust 24 bed unit in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire from October 2013 to January 2017, establishing it as a new service.


Dr. Ryan-Morgan was a founder member of a national Cross-Committee Working Party of the Division of Neuropsychology which produced a profile of competencies in Clinical Neuropsychology (2012) within the context of Statutory Regulation of the profession via the Health Care Professions Council with whom she is Registered. She is currently tasked with establishing a Professional Recognition Route to the Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists (2023). 


She has published two commissioned books for Routledge on The Mental Capacity Act (2019 & 2022) and is an invited reviewer for the journal, Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (see Web of Science and ResearchGate).

In her NHS practice, Dr. Ryan-Morgan was Head of Specialty for Clinical Neuropsychology and Deputy Head of Clinical Psychology until 2006 when she left to further develop her private practice. Dr. Ryan-Morgan has previously held an (invited) Honorary position of Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist with the Hywel Dda Health Board and until May 2022 was sessional Lead Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist with the Swansea Bay University Health Board. She is an Associate lecturer on the Christ Church Canterbury University Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology.


Dr. Ryan-Morgan is regularly asked to speak at National conferences such as Brain Injury Group and APIL, to provide teaching and training to clinical colleagues across the UK and is on the Steering Committee for the South Wales branch of UKABIF.



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CPD (up to March 2023)

Presentations / Lectures given:

  1. 16.11.22 - Wills & Succession Conference by St John’s Chambers in Dartington Hall, Devon. Title of talk: The Processes and Pitfalls of Assessing Testamentary Capacity

  2. October 2022 - series of three webinars to Global Brain Injury Association on Brain Injury and its effects

  3. 21.09.22 -  Presentation on Mental Capacity and the Frontal Lobe Paradox to South Wales Brain Injury Forum

  4. 20.09.22 -  Complex Decision Making in Mental Capacity Practice -  Neuropsychological Perspective. National Conference organised by Shropshire Council

  5. 29.04.22 - Complex Decision Making in Mental Capacity Practice – guest speaker at the Melanie George Memorial Conference hosted by BISWG / University of Essex and Division of Neuropsychology

  6. 22.04.22 - Training session on Executive Function and the Mental Capacity Act to Cambridgeshire County Council

  7. 24.03.22 - Capacity to Consent to Sex – keynote speaker at Enable Law event, Bristol

  8. 17.11.21 - Traumatic brain injury for non-specialists (APIL Cymru)

  9. 09.11.21 - Traumatic brain injury, normal vs abnormal ageing and dementia risk: What does the evidence say? Brain Injury Group national conference (Milton Keynes)

  10. Sept / Oct 2021 - Advanced Psychometrics module on Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology (University of Christ Church, Canterbury)

  11. 23.08.21 – Training presentation to the South Wales Major Trauma Network (NHS Wales) on TBI and the Mental Capacity Act: paradoxes and conundrums

  12. 15.06.21 - Three hour training session to Hywel Dda Health Board GP trainees in Pembrokeshire on: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury; Traumatic Brain Injury and Dementia; and, Frontal Lobe Paradox

  13. 13.04.21 - Brain Injury Group (UK) Webinar on Frontal Lobe Paradox

  14. 31.11.20 - Major Trauma Pathway NHS Wales: Post Traumatic Amnesia - what is it? Why and How do we measure it?

  15. 26.11.20 - Clarion Solicitors Serious Injury Masterclass: lecture on Assessing Mental Capacity in Serious Injury Cases

  16. 29.10.20 - Brain Injury Group (UK) Webinar on Frontal Lobes & Traumatic Brain Injury

Webinars / Conferences attended:

  1. 13.10.22 - The Traumatic Brain Injury Revolution: Re-Cognition Health and ABI Solutions

  2. 10.02.22 -  SPANS-x webinar (Hogrefe)

  3. 08.04.21 - BPS webinar - Tackling racism across psychological professions

  4. 23.03.21 - Brain Injury Group (UK) webinar: Neuroimaging in 2021

  5. 23.02.21 - Brain Injury Group (UK) webinar: Poor outcomes following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

  6. 28.01.21 - BPS webinar: Training Developments in Clinical Neuropsychology

  7. 28.01.21 - BPS webinar: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

  8. 25.11.20 - DoN Scotland webinar on Concussion

  9. 18.11.20 - Disabilities Trust: Assessing memory and attention in clinical neuropsychology - the BMIPB-II

  10. 19.08.20 - Brain Injury Group (UK) webinar: Sex, marriage and contraception: recent cases in the Court of Protection

  11. 18.08.20 - BPS webinar: Beginning to talk about diversity and inclusion in neuropsychology

  12. 06.02.20 - Brain & Mind: Beyond Locked Doors: Managing Complexity in the Community (St George's Place, London)

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