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TALIS Consulting Limited 

Consulting Rooms in Central Carmarthen and Harley Street, London

Where we work

Talis Consulting provides services from a suite of refurbished Consulting Rooms in central Carmarthen, from rooms within Cardiff, Bristol and Harley Street in London.  

Consulting Rooms in central Carmarthen

P.O. Box 166 
SA31 9BU

Consulting Rooms in Harley Street:

10, Harley Street 

Office in Northern Europe

Tel: 01267 233566 | 07977 051962 | email:

Monday to Friday, weekend appointments are available by arrangement.

Our offices in Carmarthen are located in the town centre, and are easily accessible, modern, spacious, user friendly, have disabled access, training rooms and a bright airy reception area. 

Other venues are available when needed, including domiciliary (home) visits where appropriate. 

All clinics provided by Talis Consulting Limited are organised and co-ordinated through the Carmarthen office. All enquiries should be directed there in the first instance. 

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